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Communication skills are eminent to educators and students alike. If you are an educational leader, ensure that all educators at your institution become proven communicators. This also ensures better lesson penetration and student feedback. If you are a student its ever important to prove your communication skills to a campus recruiter or an employer. Our courses and exams can help you achieve that.


English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI)
Teachers in higher education tell us that after they completed the EMI course their classroom interactions and student response towards their respective subjects improved significantly.

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Get the practical language skills you need to start doing business in English

Students in colleges and universities have one goal, EMPLOYMENT.
Many students are unable to be placed in jobs though their technical knowledge and subject knowledge is good.

What they lack is the social skills and communication skills that translate their knowledge. AES works with students' confidence and presentation skills to enable them.

Faculty training and development are vital to improving student outcomes. AES’ high-quality faculty training and assessment ensure that they have the skills and confidence they need to teach effectively.