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Certificate Course in Writing Skill

Course Details
Able to write good sentences, conversational tone, smooth transition, outlining or reverse outlining, metaphor; will be taught structured writing process, different writing styles, to edit content and creative writing exercises.

Course outline
  • Key phrases email formal / informal-Differences between British and American English Lexical, orthographic, phonemic, grammar, usage
  • Nuances British Vs American Use or synonyms and antonyms-strong words,

Using good sentences
  • Formal and Informal letters
  • Using the right tenses for the right expressions
  • Use the Right Voice when you write. Caution with clich├ęs
  • Questions in your writing, Getaway with generalizations
  • Avoid bland phrases, Credibility-Back up what you write
  • Keep it Conversational. Get to the point. Mini-stories
  • Outlining your content. Focus on the Reader Breaking the rules.
  • Proofread
  • Self Input

Key facts

CEFR level:B1
Test format: Computer or paper-based
No. of papers:3
Exam length:About 2 hours 40 minutes

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