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Corporate Programs

Are you an education institution, corporate or governmental organization?

Are you a lecturer or a teacher?
The Certificate in EMI Skills course is offered to higher education professionals through their employer. Talk to your employer if you’re interested in taking this course.

Corporate Programs
Outbound Training – Leadership Skills

It is important for all businesses to have effective leaders that can set goals, inspire others and guide an organization to success. AES leadership training modules cover a variety of leadership training topics - such as leading strong teams and ethical leadership - that can help leaders develop within your company. We take them out of their comfort zone, make the ambience drastically different from their office setup, and set them to tasks where their leadership is tested and brought to the forefront.

Outbound Training – Employee Induction

AES works with Organizations that recruits large groups of freshers at the same time in customizing an induction program. An induction program is an important process for bringing staff into an organization. It provides an introduction to the working environment and the set-up of the employee within the organization.

Organizational Skills – On-boarding

AES On-boarding program, (organizational socialization) trains new employees to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders. On-boarding helps new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs so they can quickly become productive, contributing members of the organization. Organizational Skills – Intercultural Sensitivity

Organizational Skills – Intercultural Sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity implies that both groups understand and respect each other’s characteristics. AES Inter Cultural Sensitivity Training will provide the participants with: In-depth cultural awareness and understanding of the impact of cultural differences, the necessary foundation and tools to become culturally competent, a better understanding of the cultural challenges facing multicultural workplaces.

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