EMI Skills

English as Medium of Instruction

EMI Skills program is designed to ensure the participants use globally established instructional English language in their classes. EMI Skills program reinforces the teachers with established and emerging teaching methodologies and provides an opportunity for the teachers to practice what they have learnt through focused teaching and in-class feedback.

Take - Away

  • Educators at all levels will be able to use a wider range of strategies to engage students.
  • Educators can take part more confidently in professional activities such as conferences, presentations or Ph.D defenses by communicating in world class English.
  • Educators at all levels see improvement in their teaching quality which supports the institution’s academic objectives.


  • The training will be delivered face-to-face.
  • Option of assignment based one-on-one online learning with our trainers

Module - 1

  • Language for Lectures- introductions and conclusions
  • Signposting lecture and using visuals

Module - 2

  • Language for constructing seminars and dealing with questions
  • Language for asking questions and for teacher - student interactions

Module - 3

  • Language for setting up small groups and practical sessions
  • Language for monitoring and getting feedback from small groups

Module - 4

  • Language for structuring tutorials and different approaches to supervision
  • Language for dealing with problems and encouraging learner independence

Module - 5

  • Language for Email communication

Module - 6

  • Language for giving verbal feedback
  • Language for giving written feedback

Module - 7

  • Language for academic interviews and for talking about professional achievements
  • Language for social networking and for peer mentoring and reflection

Module - 8

  • Language for describing tutor expectations of student