AES For Colleges

Students in colleges and universities have one goal, EMPLOYMENT. Many students are unable to be placed in jobs though their technical knowledge and subject knowledge is good.What they lack is the social skills and communication skills that translate their knowledge.AES has developed programs that will work with the students to enhance their confidence and communication to ensure that they don’t lag in the job market.Faculty training and development are vital to improving student outcomes.AES high-quality faculty training and assessment ensure that they have the skills and confidence they need to teach effectively.
Some of the objectives that is met by AES faculty training program is :

  • Raise the proficiency of English language skills of English and non English Faculty and teachers
  • Will improve the learning methodologies and resources used in teaching and learning
  • To use evaluation as a quality control mechanism

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Cambridge Business English (BEC) interventions for learners of Preliminary Vantage Advanced levels is conducted at the center or at your school or colleges which will encourage learners to face BEC exams confidently & clear each level and be eligible to take up higher ...

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Academic English

Our Academic English Programs are exclusively designed for candidates aspiring to study, work or settle abroad.We offer comprehensive Test preparation materials and extensive worksheets to challenge your expertise and stoke your learning appetite...

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English for Specific Purposes (ESP), address the needs of professionals ,highlights communication rather than language and employees collaborative pedagogies. AES designs courses to train specific and relevant areas of study as well as pure vanilla communication skills...

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General English

This test is designed for students at an elementary level of English. It is the lowest level of Cambridge exam offered to adults and children. The program will strengthen their ability to use English to communicate in simple situations...